EU citizens can vote in Prague’s municipal elections

If you have temporary or permanent residence in Prague, and you are a citizen of an EU country, you have the right to vote in upcoming local elections.

Local city governments have great influence on quality-of-life at the neighborhood level, and voting is a powerful way to have your voice heard.

All of Prague, including Prague 3, will hold local elections on 23-24 September. You can vote in these September elections if:

  • You are at least 18 years old by voting day
  • You are a citizen of an EU member state
  • You have temporary or permanent or residence in Prague (Přechodný pobyt or Trvalý pobyt)

In order to vote, you must first register with your local city district office. Registering is fast and easy to do.

The easiest way to assure that you have the right to vote is to register at least 48 hours before election day (i.e, before 21 September). You can register in person or by mail. Legally, you can register to vote on election day at your polling place, but you can avoid complications and delays if you register now.

Please note that If you registered for a previous election, election authorities will have your ballot ready for you at your polling place.

Registering to vote in Prague 3

  • In-person registration

    Registering in person takes a few minutes, but it is the easiest way. You can register directly at the Prague 3 District office, during office hours on Mondays or Wednesdays (Lipanská 7, 130 00, Prague 3). Look for the Odbor organizační office.

    It is not necessary to fill out anything in advance. The staff there can help you with the application.

    You will need to have with you:

    • proof of identity and EU citizenship (your identity card or passport)
    • a permanent residence permit or a certificate of temporary residence in Prague 3 (Potvrzení o přechodném pobytu na území or Potvrzení o trvalém pobytu)

    Address, contact names and office hours:

  • Registration by written request

    If you prefer, you can register by post, or using Datova schranka.

    You will need to submit three documents:

    • a completed application for registration to the voter list (You can find a copy of the form here on Google Docs).
    • a copy of your identity and EU citizenship document (identity card or passport)
    • a copy of your Prague 3 temporary or permanent residence permit
  • Send these documents by post to Prague 3, Odbor organizační, Lipanská 7, 130 00, Prague 3. If you prefer, you can submit the three documents using Datova schranka to: eqkbt8g

    What happens after I register?

    A few days before the election, you will receive a paper ballot by post. The envelope will indicate your constituency code (kód volebního okrsku). You will use this code to determine your polling place.

    If you do not receive the ballot documents, or if you lose them, they will also be available at polling stations on election day.

    If you have any questions about the polling location or the voting procedure, contact the people listed above or Greens of Prague 3:

    What if I don’t register in time?

    If you do not register to vote at least 48 hours before the elections of 23-24 September, go to your polling place anyway. Bring the identifying documents described above, and the members of the election commission will register you on the spot. However, this procedure may take a little longer and there is a risk of language barriers, so we recommend registering ahead of time using one of the methods described above.

    Vote Greens!

    Meet our candidates, learn about our platform, and let your voices be heard

    Ondrej Rut
    Prague 3 Deputy Mayor

    The Greens have been working for you in Prague 3’s municipal council for 16 years. We have accomplished a lot since then, and today we have even bigger plans and a broader vision.

    We have a clear understanding of what we want. We want a neighborhood where children thrive. A neighborhood that helps you care for the elderly and other loved ones. A neighborhood with solidarity that won't let you fall to the bottom.

    A neighborhood where car ownership is not a condition for contentment. A safe neighborhood with tree-lined streets.

    “The neighborhood that you want."

    Rebeka Vadasova

    I want enough places in kindergartens, and groups that support our youngest children.

    I want every child to feel welcome at school, and to be able to attend school together with other children from the neighborhood.

    I want safe routes to schools so that parents don't have to worry about letting their children go unaccompanied if they want to.

    "Quality kindergartens and schools that you can get to safely."

    Matej Michal Zaloudek
    Architect, urban planner

    I want a town hall that has strict requirements about what is to be built, where, and how, and what any new construction will bring to people.

    I want public spaces that are friendly for both children and their parents, accessible to all and where no one feels threatened.

    “A neighborhood with streets for all."

    Jana Valova
    Project manager

    I want affordable housing for all. Our neighborhood should be for everyone, not just the richest.

    I want a town hall that gives you a helping hand if you can’t do something on your own, financially or physically.

    I want support for those who work with children, young people, the sick, the elderly, and those who develop community life in our neighborhood.

    “A neighborhood that supports you.”

    Anna Gümplova
    Arts and culture producer

    I want to continue what we put in place four years ago - a town hall that communicates and engages citizens. I want a town hall that allows public participation in decision-making.

    I want public services online - faster, cheaper and more welcoming.

    “A neighborhood that you plan.”

    Prague 3 - Green Party Platform 2022

    Put the environment first

    First and foremost, we are Green. We know that nothing is more important than the basic foundations for life - clean air, biodiversity and climate. Greenery in Prague 3 needs to be cared for and expanded - not just for recreation, but also because it is home to urban wildlife. We think globally, we act locally. We refuse to give into the cynicism that trivializes the climate crisis, or proclaims that nothing matters anymore. It matters to us.

    1. We will advocate for the cultivation and protection of existing greenery and recreational areas. In response to climate change, our development of parks should reflect modern trends in blue-green infrastructure (i.e., water elements in urban landscaping).
    2. We will plant rows of trees in the streets of Prague 3. Trees cool the streets, clean the air significantly, capture precipitation, and provide refuge for birds and insects. The streets of lower Žižkov will be a priority for us, where there are almost no trees. We have plantings ready for Husinecká, Krásová, Rokycanová and Čajkovského.
    3. Climate change is making cities warmer, and we will implement other measures such as drinking fountains, water features, and shading for exposed areas such as playgrounds and sports fields.
    4. We will continue to promote and develop the use of clean energy sources in buildings owned and managed by Prague 3. We will support the creation and development of community energy projects.
    5. We will support the development and creation of additional street gardens. We will organize workshops for the public so that plantings under trees do not endanger trees or their root systems.
    6. We will continue to promote measures for better water retention and drainage in public places, including roads, with solutions such as permeable surfaces, clear drainage channels, water retention, and facilities for cleaning and filtration.
    7. In order to reduce the amount of cigarette butts lying around, we will install bins for cigarette butts in parks and other frequented places in Prague 3. We will offer restaurant operators free outdoor ashtrays.
    8. We will build community gardens in Kapslovna Park and on Pod Kapličkou Street.
    9. We will provide regular cleaning around recycling containers. We will continue to fight the illegal overuse of these containers by some business owners. We will expand the collection of metal and electrical waste, and we will further support the sorting of bio-waste into public composters. Containers will display contact details for the organization collecting the waste, whether it is mixed or sorted.
    10. We will inform the public in a timely manner about the necessary felling and pruning of trees and shrubs in the streets and parks of Prague 3.
    11. We will inform the residents of Prague 3 about the daily smog situation through Mobile Radio, a local email/SMS notification system (
    12. We will implement measures that improve air quality in Prague 3, such as supporting alternatives to car transport and calming and greening streets burdened by traffic.
    13. In green areas, we will place birdhouses, shelters for pollinators, and water dispensers for animals.
    14. We will strive to extend the ban on the use of fireworks in the historic center to the entire area of Prague 3.
    15. In cooperation with schools from Prague 3, we will prepare a project to help trees adapt to climate change. Participating students will treat trees using biochar, which aerates the soil and helps trees retain carbon and water near their roots.

    Smarter, cleaner mobility and more equitable public spaces

    To us, accessibility is a principle, not a catchphrase. We will promote making public spaces accessible and available to everyone, where no one feels threatened. We will strive to make the city accessible to people with reduced mobility and diminished orientation. We will support a public space that is friendly to children and their parents.

    1. Pedestrians and public transport should have absolute priority. We want to protect pedestrian spaces. We want to preserve sidewalks and expand them, and we will advocate for pedestrian crossings. We will create new ones and make them safer, as well as stop islands. We will continue to calm car traffic in our neighborhoods and support car alternatives.
    2. Streets should be primarily for life, not for automobile transit. We will expand zones with 30 km/h speed limits in all residential streets. We will also support the establishment of pedestrian and residential zones (for example, on U Zásobní Zahrady Street, where there are schools and kindergartens, an integration center, and one of the main entrances to a popular park).
    3. We want the streets of Prague 3 to be better and safer for cycling. Cyclists should not endanger pedestrians, so we will push for physically separated cycle paths on busy streets, and on residential streets, we will introduce two-way traffic for cyclists (the so-called two-way cycle lanes). We want people to be unafraid to travel the city by bike. In the long term, we will strive to ensure that even in Prague 3, parents are not afraid to send their children to school by bicycle, as is common in other European cities.
    4. Together with Prague’s municipal government, we want to revitalize the main streets of Prague 3: Seifertová, Olšanská, Jičínská, Jan Želivského and Vinohradská. We want rows of trees on them, and as much space as possible for pedestrians and public transport. We will always promote safe cycling infrastructure.
    5. We want to turn Jan Želivského into a one-way street lined with trees, safe crossings, and a separate cycle path. Želivského should be a street and not a transit highway where you can't even get on a tram safely.
    6. We will increase security in front of schools and kindergartens. We want to continue the successful BESIP program, which rebuilds nearby intersections and crossings to make them safer. Together with parents and school principals, we will select which streets can be turned into school streets where cars are not permitted in the morning. We will support schools' participation in the Walking to Schools program.
    7. We will do a lot more sidewalk reconstruction. The priority will be to fix holes more quickly. In addition, any major pavement repair should be seen as an opportunity to reduce curbs at the intersection, and to widen the pavement or shorten the crossing. We advocate anything that can improve comfort and safety for pedestrians.
    8. We want a new tram line to be built as soon as possible through the area of the Freight Station Žižkov, in the direction to Jarov. We want the creation of this tramway to be a necessary condition before permitting most of that development’s new construction. Among other things, this will improve accessibility for the Vackov neighborhood. To relieve congested lines on Seifertová Street, we will support the extension of Vinohradská tram lines further into the center. We will continue to promote the extension of the Metro D line (currently under construction) into Žižkov.
    9. We will actively look for opportunities to build additional pedestrian routes. We will establish a new walking pa​​th along the northern wall of the Olšan Cemetery. Working with the University of Economics (VŠE - Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze), we want to negotiate the opening of a path along Rajská Zahrada, which would offer a direct pedestrian pathway from upper Žižkov to the main train station (Hlavní nádraží).
    10. We intend to develop our system of parking and racks for alternative vehicles such as kick bikes and scooters. We want parking spaces for them on the road rather than on the sidewalk. We will insist that companies running shared services respect this system.
    11. In new development projects, we will actively strive to create as few new parking spaces as possible. Fewer parking spaces will reduce the overall burden of traffic on the streets of Prague 3, and encourage people who prefer walking and public transport.
    12. In parking zones, we will always prefer resident parking over visitor parking. We want to adapt the location, distribution of zones, and fee structure so that there are more parking spaces and so that local residents do not have such a problem finding a place every evening. We will maintain preferential parking for shared cars.
    13. We will advocate for reasonable and safe re-stocking of shops and restaurants. We don't want vans parked on sidewalks or crosswalks where they restrict pedestrians or obstruct traffic. In cooperation with the municipality, we will develop city logistics, increase the number of high-turnover supply points, and promote the establishment of a cycle depot in the territory of Prague 3.

    Schools and kindergartens where children like to go

    Schools in Prague 3 should offer quality education for all the children who live here. We want to support schools so that they can concentrate on education and training instead of administration and operational problems. It is important to us that schools treat children and their families with respect and that children feel happy and safe in schools.

    1. In the form of discounted rent for organizers, we will support group activities for small children, especially those under the age of three.
    2. We will look for ways to free up time for principals so that they can primarily serve as pedagogical leaders. We will, for example, work to reduce their administrative burden, provide legal services, and offer shared access to an architect for building maintenance.
    3. We will support schools so that they are ready to receive children with special needs and children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. We don’t want a proliferation of segregated schools and kindergartens. We want every child to be able to attend school together with children from his or her own street.
    4. We will ensure the availability of holiday suburban camps. We will fund them directly so that organizations do not have to apply for a grant every year.
    5. In order to provide greater access to preschool education, we will enable the sharing of places in kindergartens. For example, a child who goes three days a week can share the space with a child who wants to go twice a week.
    6. We will support continuing education for school directors, including a significant contribution for participation in the Director Live program.
    7. We will support the networking of schools and the sharing of good practice. We will organize meetings of teachers from different schools around the city.
    8. We will support projects of intergenerational cooperation at schools and kindergartens (e.g., reading grandmothers and grandfathers, visits to nursing homes, etc.).
    9. In response to the challenging period of the pandemic and distance learning, and as a way to prevent burnout, we will offer clinical supervision to teachers and principals, paid through the budget of Prague 3.
    10. We will continue to support participatory budgeting in schools, where students decide how to spend a fixed budget. We propose that each school receive 50,000 Kč annually.
    11. We will support the diversity of public schools, for example through the involvement of schools in the Start Together program. In the renovated school building on Havlíčková Náměstí, we will consider establishing a municipal Waldorf School or a school with a Montessori focus so that children from the Waldorf Kindergarten in Jarov and the Montessori Kindergarten on Bukova have somewhere to continue.
    12. We will launch an online parent forum moderated by the Prague 3 town hall to share parents' experiences with schools.

    A responsive, transparent and efficient town hall

    We will continue to make processes at the town hall more transparent and promote public participation in the town hall's work. We will provide an office that is more online, faster, cheaper and more user-friendly. The basic premise of our property policy is that we prioritize sustainable management of real estate and its rentals for important and publicly beneficial functions over selling it for immediate profit.

    1. We will open a forestry school in Kapslovna Park.
    2. We will strive to ensure that the budget of the Prague 3 Municipal Council is spent more evenly for the benefit of all residents. We will verify whether women, youth, seniors, national minorities or people with disabilities also benefit from them.
    3. We will continue to advocate that the city district's money be spent equally across Prague 3. We believe that the areas of Jarov and lower Žižkov are currently underfunded.
    4. We will gradually limit the activities of joint-stock companies in Prague 3. For residents of Prague 3, joint-stock companies are more of a burden than a benefit. In the interest of transparency, the public services agenda should be carried out by the authority itself, and therefore we will move the activities of joint-stock companies under it, or if it is expedient, we will replace it with a well-functioning private service.
    5. We will continue to communicate effectively with the public and motivate active participation in commissions and committees, councils, public debates, presentations and other events. We will provide the possibility of remote access for all meetings of public commissions and committees - not only for members, but also for the public.
    6. In tenders, we will promote evaluation according to criteria other than price so that quality, references, and environmental and social impacts are taken into account.
    7. We will involve all groups of Prague 3 residents in planning for Prague 3 investments. We will ensure that marginalized groups such as senior citizens, children and youth, and people with a different mother tongue are not left out.
    8. We will restore the participatory budget so that residents can decide directly how to improve their street and surroundings. We will set clear rules for the use of this budget and the launching of projects. We will provide ongoing support for the public during the preparation of projects.
    9. We will publish all publicly available documents and data, clearly and in machine-readable form. We will develop a new map portal where all available spatial data will be published, including Prague 3’s planned investments.
    10. We will improve the working conditions for employees of the Prague 3 town hall and welfare organizations. We will pressure office management to regularly analyze employees’ satisfaction and then work with the results. We will support the education of workers with an emphasis on further development of knowledge and skills related to their fields. We will expand the possibility of part-time jobs and work from home. We will support town hall employees, especially in the area of ​​burnout prevention. We will similarly support social services and other contributing organizations. Satisfied employees in these areas are better able to serve citizens of the district.

    Responsible and transparent real estate development

    You cannot stop Žižkov; it will always be developing. But that does not mean we shouldn’t have strict requirements about what is to be built, where, how, and what it will bring to people. Projects costing billions of crowns should not be negotiated in closed meetings; they need a public debate. This district belongs to everyone, and for decades, the Greens in Prague 3 have been defending the people's right to participate.

    1. We want the new district being built at the Žižkov Freight Station to be a permeable part of Prague 3. The protected station building is to be a cultural center of city-wide importance. We will push developers to fulfill their obligations. We will prepare the construction of two new elementary schools and six new kindergartens there. We will see to the creation of two new parks with conditions for protected species. We will ensure that there is no shortage of medical and social care.
    2. We insist that developers contribute to public amenities. For all development projects, we will protect the skyline and rooftop landscape of Vinohrady and Žižkov. We will demand high standards in ecological construction, and we will take care of the quality of public spaces in the vicinity of new buildings. We will not block high-quality construction that is compatible with the urban plan. All major projects will be shared with the public in due course.
    3. We will protect parks and recreational areas from development. We will protect, among other things, Parukářka, Židovské Pece, the garden settlements in Na Balkáně, the wooded are of Krejcárek, the campsite at Pražačka, and the meadow near Kunešová Street. We will not support any zoning change that reclassifies unbuildable land as buildable.
    4. The construction of the Jeseniova 98 kindergarten and the reconstruction of the school on Havlíčková Náměstí are a priority for us. These must be opened as soon as possible due to increasing demand. We will build a House of Social Services on Pod Lipami and prepare the realization of an apartment building with about a hundred available apartments on U Stará Cihelny. We will repair or rebuild the building of the former nursery on K Lučinám street. These buildings will meet all ecological standards and will be a showcase for what modern urban construction should look like.
    5. We will complete the reconstruction of the housing estates on Olšanské Náměstí, Táboritská and Kubelíková. We will brighten and widen the pedestrian passageways to Baranová and Sudoměřská.
    6. We will repair the interior of the town hall on Seifertová Street. The current entrance area and sanitary facilities are not suitable for a 21st-century office.
    7. We will revitalize Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrady, in accordance to the current project plan. We will complete the restoration of Tachovské Náměstí and Náměstí Jiřího z Lobkovic. We will prepare the revitalization of Sladkovské Náměstí, Olšanské Náměstí, and both parks on Želivského.
    8. We will start new projects to revitalize Prokopova Náměstí, the inner block in V Rozkvětu Street in Jarov, and the park in front of the Pražačka elementary school (ZŠ Pražačka).
    9. We are initiating the creation of a new farmer's market at Ohrad. We will prepare this project in cooperation with local residents as part of an overall effort to cultivate public space in this area.
    10. We will continue to reduce visual smog. Billboards and tarpaulins covering facades do not belong in the city. At the same time, we will expand public poster areas with clear rules for their use. Businesses in premises owned by Prague 3 will be encouraged and supported to reduce visual smog.
    11. We will expand the network of public toilets and ensure that their operation is year-round and free of charge. They will be barrier-free and have changing tables accessible to mothers and fathers.
    12. We will launch a survey to find out what parents and children want in playgrounds, and we will gradually restore them according to the findings.
    13. Public spaces must not fall into disrepair. We will seek to buy back public spaces and parks that are now in private hands. We will develop those that cannot be bought back in cooperation with their owners.

    Žižkov Freight Station as a modern and lively part of Prague 3

    For four years we have worked on the future of the district at the Freight Station. We know what mistakes were made on Olšanská and on Na Vackově. That is why we are negotiating a neighborhood that has the necessary public amenities within walking distance. We are counting on hundreds of municipal apartments, and we are preparing a competition for new parks. We are intensively promoting the reduction of car traffic for the surrounding area, and we have an agreement for the transformation of the heritage station building into a cultural center. There will be a new tram line that will offer a connection from Jarov to the center. We are planning tree-lined streets that are pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. But we still have a lot of work to do.

    1. The new district must be an asset for Prague 3, not a burden. We will push developers to fulfill their obligations and consistently enforce the fulfillment of contracts.
    2. Public amenities are essential. We will prepare the creation of two elementary schools and six new kindergartens in the new construction. We will see to it that there is no shortage of medical and social care, including residential services for the elderly. We will not forget facilities for parents with children, playgrounds and sporting activities.
    3. The protected railway station building will be a new center for Prague 3 and a cultural center of city-wide importance. We will continue to protect it and support its respectful conversion.
    4. We will ensure that enough public greenery, parks and residential areas will be created in the new district. At the same time, we will insist on conditions for the survival of protected species that live in the area today.
    5. We will prevent further overburdening of traffic by quickly preparing the tram line from Olšanská to Habrová and Osiková. We will not allow new construction until the tram is operational. We will continue to promote the extension of Metro Line D to Žižkov.
    6. We strive to ensure that the new neighborhood does not overload the surrounding streets with vehicular traffic. One tool to achieve this is to push developers not to build excessive amounts of parking.
    7. We see a need to complete the proposed new street Jarovská Třída. Jarovská Třída will run east-west, connecting Malešická and Českobrodská, in the area east of the new development. (See more about this proposal at We will advocate for a calm urban street with plenty of greenery, space for pedestrians, and good public transport.
    8. We consider it essential that there are enough municipal apartments in the new development. We will ensure the construction of at least two hundred municipal apartments, and hundreds of units of affordable housing through the matching of commercial rents.

    Solidarity and a sustainable housing policy

    We believe in helping the weakest among us, not only as a value and as the basis for our culture, but as an investment that pays off for all of society in the long run. We understand housing as a basic human need, and we believe that local government should help if needed. Living as neighbors is sometimes full of challenges, but we can't give up on it.

    1. We have established a special office at the town hall devoted to housing. We will continue developing their activities to help anyone in Prague 3 who has problems related to housing. We will continue to allocate free municipal apartments as part of supported housing.
    2. Municipal apartments should house people; they should not stand empty. We will speed up the repairs of vacant municipal apartments. We will keep vacant apartments to a minimum.
    3. We will keep rent in municipal apartments at a level that is affordable for everyone. Subsidized housing will continue to be set aside, mainly for senior citizens, young families with children, single parents, people with medical disabilities, low-income households, and people who are discriminated against in the housing market.
    4. We will expand Prague 3’s housing fund with apartments acquired from developers of new housing construction. We will not sell municipal apartments that are not already intended for privatization, and they will remain the property of the district.
    5. Our homes are not hotels. Short-term lodging (such AirBnB) is taking apartments off the rental market, driving up both apartment prices and rents, and making housing unaffordable for residents of the city. In cooperation with Prague’s city government, we will strive to ensure that these leases are operated with clear rules. For more on this issue, see .
    6. Through the social fund, we will help residents of Prague 3 in crisis situations related to housing (for example, loans for deposits, moving costs, etc.).
    7. We will offer the possibility of cohabitation for senior citizens in municipal apartments as part of a pilot project. Seniors will thus get the opportunity to improve their situation with lower housing costs and reduced isolation.

    Responsible social and community policy

    We conform to the latest trends in social care, crisis prevention and inclusion. We co-operate with the nonprofit sector and field workers who know the issues best. There are no simple and immediate solutions. Sustainable social policy is a long-term pursuit that does not score quick political points. But it is essential for a functioning society, now weakened by a protracted pandemic.

    1. We will build a House of Social Services on Pod Lipami Street, according to the project plan that won the architectural competition. The house will meet the highest standards for such a facility, including ecological standards. A new day care center for senior citizens will also operate within this building.
    2. We will help people who are caring for their loved ones at home. We will ensure the functioning of a care coordinator who will determine the needs of caregivers and cooperate with operators of social and follow-up services. Care coordinators will also be responsible for ensuring that the necessary information and updates reach everyone who needs such services. We will ensure effective case management, coordination and cooperation between social services.
    3. We will systematically support parent and community centers and low-threshold clubs that work with children, youth, parents, and seniors, and those who develop community life in Prague 3.
    4. In cooperation with the Prague municipal government and other city districts, we will support a Prague-wide network of contact centers for drug addicts and homeless people. We will provide quality field services for drug users (including the exchange and cleaning of syringes). Prevention is the most effective method in preventing problems associated with drug use. Repression often exacerbates these problems.
    5. Gambling is addictive. As casino licenses come up for renewal, we will oversee their cancellation.
    6. An affordable suburban camp should be available for every child. Through a subsidy fund, we will support organizations such as Junák, TOM, and Pionýr that provide leisure activities for young people in Prague 3.
    7. We will provide support and counseling for victims of domestic violence. We will support work with vulnerable children and violent persons.
    8. We will advocate for the establishment of an asylum for women in Prague 3 for temporary accommodation and the possibility of social assistance for those in difficult situations.
    9. We want affordable, quality medical care in the neighborhoods we live in. The shortage of doctors is a long-term and widespread problem. A short distance to the doctor is crucial for children, for example, but there is a shortage of pediatricians. We will therefore actively support the establishment of new medical facilities in Prague 3.

    Prague 3 as a center of independent culture

    Prague 3 is alive with independent culture, and this is an opportunity that we must seize. We especially support live events, small, promising, original scenes, festivals and galleries, and art that provokes discussion or that creates a unique opportunity to meet neighbors. As a town hall, we will organize and support community events that are socially and ecologically responsible, and we will place great emphasis on cultural service in the town hall newspaper and in social media networks.

    1. We will continue to support and initiate the organization of neighborhood and cultural events in public spaces, such as Zažít Město Jinak, Žižkovské Mezidvorky, etc. In general, we will support smaller, community-based cultural activities and lively and independent culture.
    2. We will revive and use empty spaces in municipal property for cultural purposes (e.g., offering the short-term use of such spaces for non-profit cultural entities).
    3. We will advocate for the revitalization and transformation of neglected places and fill them with cultural events (e.g., Prokopovo Náměstí).
    4. We will continue to repair, maintain and protect architectural heritage and works of art in public spaces in Prague 3.
    5. We will continue to advocate for new temporary and permanent art works in public spaces in the form of open competitions and curatorial projects. We will actively cooperate with the Prague city government and the HMP Gallery in their Art for the City program.
    6. We will prepare a competition for a monument near the University of Economics (VŠE - Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze) to commemorate Hassan Elamin Abdelradi, a Sudanese student who was murdered in 1997 in a racially motivated attack.
    7. We are implementing a water feature (“Pumps”), according to a winning design from an art competition, under the Žižkov stairs from Táboritská to Chelčického.
    8. We will continue to reduce visual smog in the territory of Prague 3. Visual smog obscures the authentic, unique appearance of our city. It also distracts drivers and obscures their view.
    9. We will support important cultural institutions in Prague 3 such as the Ponec Theatre, Kino Aero, Venus in Švehlovka, AVU POP-UP Gallery, etc., and established events such as the Landscape Festival and Malá Inventura.
    10. We will have environmental audits completed in our cultural organizations and we will see that they comply with the principles of sustainable operation for cultural institutions.
    11. To commemorate a greater range of our heroes, we will more frequently name new public spaces after women.

    Affordable sporting opportunities for everyone

    We want to promote a healthy lifestyle and make a wide range of sports and exercise activities available for residents of all ages. It is necessary to think equally about official sports, amateur and association sports, and informal sports in parks and on cycle paths.

    1. We will protect from development the Na Balkáně sports complex and all sports complexes on plots owned by the municipality of Prague 3. We will support sustaining sports activities for the general public.
    2. The Viktoria Žižkov stadium will not be sold to developers. It will be used for youth and professional football.
    3. We will support schools in their development of sports facilities. We will support the opening of playgrounds at elementary schools for public use outside of school hours, and increase public awareness of these possibilities.
    4. We will support the development of sports infrastructure in public spaces across all of Prague 3, with a special emphasis on unorganized sports for older children and youth (e.g., parkour, outdoor gyms, basketball courts, etc.)
    5. We will build a skate park, a bike park, and an outdoor climbing wall in Prague 3. We will not neglect sports in the vicinity of the Žižkov freight station, which will include a field for ball games.
    6. In support of a healthy lifestyle, we will advocate the development of bike routes and pedestrian connections to ensure non-motorized accessibility of sports areas and natural movement around the city.
    7. We will support the construction of integrated and safe running routes and circuits.
    8. We will reduce the energy consumption of sports venues by installing energy-saving lighting, switching to renewable energy sources, and implementing measures to prevent heat loss.
    9. We will promote the availability of sports through Prague 3’s website and other communication channels.